Year 3 Trip to Mosques in Peterborough - Monday, 3rd February 2014

Year 3 visited two of Peterborough's mosques on 3rd February, Faizan-e Madina on Gladstone Street and Shia Khoja mosque on Burton Street

On Monday 3rd February the whole of Year 3 paid a visit to all three of the purpose built mosques in Peterborough. Our day began at the Jamia Ghousia Mosque in Gladstone Street, where we were able to view it from the outside with its minarets and domes. A short walk then took us to the Faizan-E-Madina Mosque, also situated on Gladstone Street. This is the largest of the mosques in Peterborough and can hold up to 3,000 worshippers. The children were welcomed and given a very interesting talk and tour of the mosque. They then had a question and answer session and the opportunity to complete their worksheets and do drawings of some of the artefacts. Then it was time to go to our next destination, the Husseini Mosque in Burton Street, the first purpose built mosque in the city. This is a Shi’ite mosque, whereas the other two were Sunni mosques. This mosque is much smaller than the other two. Once again we were made very welcome, and the Imam showed the children many fascinating objects which Muslims use to help them in their worship. The boys were granted a special privilege here, and were allowed the watch the men praying in the Musalla (Prayer Hall). One of our Muslim parents carefully explained to the boys what was happening.

I am sure that this visit will help the children in their understanding and appreciation of other religions and cultures that they study in RE, and which is such an integral part of our society today.


Edward Husbands



 Our Muslim Doll looked at the Mihrab facing Mecca  Looking at Special Symbols  We were shown clocks telling Muslims their time for prayer each day   Transalating from Arabic to English  We saw special books in the library