Upper School Archaeology Club

Welcome to the Archaeology Club page!

Archaeology Club is run by Miss Bell for children in Years 5 and 6. It takes place on Thursday lunchtimes from 1:00-1:45pm in Class 16.

Two groups will be run over the course of the school year so that as many children as possible can get involved.

  • Group 1: October until February half-term
  • Group 2: After February half-term until the end of the school year

This week, Archaeology Club have been learning about excavation and stratigraphy through the use of cake!

We found lots of artefacts, including coins and even treasure hoards!

If you would like to discover more about archaeology and history in the local area, check out the following links -

The Young Archaeologists' Club is run by the Council for British Archaeology, and gives children up to the age of 17 the opportunity to get involved in local archaeology. Peterborough's nearest YAC branch is the Fenland branch which is run monthly at Flag Fen. The website also has information on archaeology that you can do at home!

IMPORTANT! Flag Fen are currently running a Big Dig, where children and families can get involved with the excavations there! It's only running until the end of October, so go down and get involved soon!

Flag Fen is a very important archaeological site, dating back to around 3,500 years ago - a period known as the Bronze Age. This site is home to a very well-preserved wooden road, called a causeway, and many objects have been found at the site which suggest that Flag Fen was a very important religious site. You can visit the site today and look at the causeway itself, as well as a museum and reconstructions of Bronze Age life.

For a more general look at archaeological and historical sites and museums within the local area, check out the Vivacity site. Peterborough is a city that is rich with archaeology and history, so there's a lot out there for families to get involved with!

If you love museums, check out the Museums Association. Being a member is pricey but has many benefits, including free entry to many of the country's museums and art galleries!