The Great Fire of London

We have been extremely busy this term learning all about The Great Fire of London.

To begin the term we put our aprons on and became bakers! We baked bread just like Thomas Farriner did in 1666. Luckily, all our bread made it out of the oven perfectly baked! We then planned and wrote instructions on how we made our delicious bread.



On the 10th January we were very lucky to have some special visitors. They wear a non-flammable uniform and drive an emergency vehicle with sirens. Have you guessed who our visitors were?


To learn about science experiments using fire we visited a Science lab in Ken Stimpson. We were all amazed when the science technician used icing sugar to increase the size of the fire! We also learnt about how important it is to be safe when near fire.


Even though we were so busy learning and visiting different places, we were still focusing on making our class assembly perfect. We created our own fire dance in our indoor PE lessons which we then performed for the whole school and our parents. All our teachers were so proud of our dedication and hard work.