Targets achieved

Registered Charity Number 1026549



We are proud of our Fundraising efforts…!

As a School Association, did you know that we have provided or helped with all the following over the years!!!

♥️ Children's lockers
♥️ Bike Racks at the play park
♥️ Reindeer visit
♥️ Reception welcome bags
♥️ Updating the reflection area & bench
♥️ Dictionaries and thesauruses
♥️ Dinner tables/chairs
♥️ Cardio equipment
♥️ Table tennis table
♥️ Come dine with me equipment
♥️ Trim trail extension
♥️ Desert corridor
♥️ Early years workbench
♥️ Books for various year groups
♥️ Production sound equipment
♥️ Animal experience visit


Thank you for continued support!

We couldn’t do it without you.