Roles and Responsibilities

Registered Charity Number 1026549

 Eleanor PhillipsChairperson

  • Leads the committee

  • Prepares agendas and runs committee meetings

  • Liaises with the Head Teacher, Deputy Head, Teachers, Office and Support Staff in School and with the Church

  • Prepares newsletters

  • Reviews the minutes of committee meetings

  • Checks everything is in order for events


Jo Frohmaier - Vice Chairperson
  • Assists and supports the Chairperson

  • Takes the minutes at committee meetings in the absence of the Secretary

  • Countersigns cheques


Louise Race - Secretary 
  • Types the agenda (following instruction from the Chair) and distributes amongst the committee prior to the meeting

  • Takes the minutes at each committee meeting and circulates them

  • Writes letters on behalf of the committee following instructions

  • Photocopies letters and assists the Chair in typing of newsletters

  • Countersigns cheques


Jennifer Rice - Treasurer
  • Keeps a financial record of all transactions and provides a monthly report of finances (in the form of a spreadsheet) at each committee meeting

  • Prepares the annual report for the AGM

  • Pays invoices

  • Arranges the floats and banks the money from each event

  • Arranges the yearly audit of accounts with an Accountant

  • Performs the online annual return for the Charity Commission


Eleana Green - Deputy Treasurer
  • Assists and supports the Treasurer

  • Countersigns cheques

  • Arranges the floats for events

  • Banks the money from each event