What sticks to your feet when it's sunny but not when it's raining? By Nathaniel

Sometime's I'm short

Sometimes I'm tall

I can grow

I need cutting

I can be thick or thin

I can be wet or dry

I can make people sneeze

I am found outside

Some animals like to eat me

Games are played on me

Or, you can just sit on me

I am green

What am I?

By Samuel


I can be recycled

You can put lots of things in me

You normally find me in a shop

But I can be used as a rubbish bag as well

I mostly come free.

I come in many colours

I am a free advert for my store

I help you carry things around

Naughty people throw me onto the motorway

I can be a danger to wildlife.

If I am used again in a supermarket you can gain extra club card points

You can also find me in a dustbin

I tear easily

Sometimes if you hold me too long I seem to hurt your fingers

Please keep me away from small children.

What am I?

By Lily.


I am made from cotton

I come in different guises

Many different colours

Several different sizes.

Some people use me on the beach

Sometimes by the pool

I am useful in the bathroom

I can be wrapped around you

When you feel cool.

Although I start dry and soft

I soon get wet as I dry

But this is what I'm supposed to do

Tell me what I am?

By Kiera.


I feed over half the world

I provide for people's needs

I'm a type of grass you see

You often eat my seeds.

By Amalie


I've been around since the big bang

Maybe even before

People have measured me in many ways

Many of these were a chore.

Some people waste me

Some people lose me

Some people use me well

What's the best thing to do with your's?

Only you can tell.

I am used all over the world

Although I differ

From land to land

I can be seen up on walls

and even near your hand

I'll be passing you by while you work this out

Tell me what I am?

By Faith.

I can be all different colours, shapes and sizes

I fly high in the sky when the wind is blowing

But I fall to the ground when no wind is blowing.

By Harvey


I have legs but can't walk

A tongue but can't talk

I can get very cross

I'm definately the boss

And I make the house shake

When I'm awake. What am I?

By Elizabeth

I live on Everest and I am very cold

I distract visitors as I am very bold

You can see through me, sometimes I am untouched

I am silent and still

What can I be?

By Ben

I am made of precious metals

I love being used

I usually get used as a gift for someone

I cost lots of money and I'm very valuable

I am used to show if you are friends with someone or shows your personality

I hug your neck tightly or loosly.

What am I?

By Naomi


I need sun and water to survive

I go through seasons where part of me changes colour

I stay very still, unless its windy

I can be very tall but also very short

What am I?

By Kiera


I'm multicoloured but black and white

I sometimes answer questions too

You can find black sqiggly things that go from side to side and are quite interesting indeed

I'm pushed up against a hard surface with others squashing me tight

But at last some noise, a voice, a light

A new day has begun

I must serve my purpose of something people enjoy

I love when I am awoken each day by being brought out of the dark

Faces loom over me and speak me aloud

I hate it when people take me in their hands but then shove me back in disgust

I always feel great joy when I'm taken to a new place for a long time and make a new friend

I want to be used throughout the years and always be remembered.

What am I?

By Lucy


I can move very fast but have no legs

I can be long and thin or small and short

I lay eggs but can not fly

I sometimes scare if I come too near to you

But you may be scared if you come too near to me

What am I?

By Lucy


I am sometimes grey

But often white

When I get angry

I am not a good sight

I make a light in a flash

And a loud noise when I clash

I disappear when it's hot

And come back when it's not

I travel around the world for free

And always take my friends with me

I cry a lot when I am cold

Make everyone wet

So I am told

I can cover up the sun and moon

Don't you worry, I'll let them out soon.

By Esin


I can be wet and dry

I am a lot of colours

I'll make you dry when you are wet

What am I ?

By Beth


A man on his horse

comes to town on Sunday, he stays three nights and he

comes back on Sunday. How is that possible?

By Simran


My skin is quite waxey

I go from green to yellow to black

II taste good with pancakes and syrup

I grow on a tree in very hot weather.

By Alex


I'm a magic number, you'll always end with me when you do the calculations.

Think of any number

Multiply it by two

Add 12 to the answer

Take away 3 from the answer

Add 5 to the answer

Divide the answer by 2

Take away the original number

What is your number?

By Nina


I have many feathers to help me fly

I have a body and head but i am not alive

It is your strength which determines how far I go

You can hold me in your hand but I am never thrown

What am I?

By Joshua