Communications from school are sent via ParentPay.   The school's preferred method of payment is ParentPay.

Please see below instructions on how to activate your account.

Firstly make sure you have the Account activation letter from school. If you have lost this or haven’t received it please contact the Finance Office in school for a copy - then follow these steps:

  • Go to

  • Go to the Account Login box in the top right corner of the screen

  • Add in the username and password provided in your account activation letter and click ‘Activate’

  • On the next screen you can choose to change your username and / or password to something more memorable

  • Add your email address

  • Add a security question and answer

  • Add any other information requested on the screen

  • Then click ‘Continue’

Your account will now be activated and you can pay for items listed on ParentPay.

Once activated, you can use your ParentPay account to pay for school items, as well as setting up and maintaining your personal profile, login and forgotten password security reminder.

You can also change your username and/or password and set-up ‘alerts’ for low balances and new payment items


Please click on the link below for these:-

Additional questions:

I have more than one child – can I have a single account/login?

You will be able to create a single account which you can add all your children to – even if your children attend different schools (as long as they subscribe to ParentPay).

Follow these steps:

  • Activate and login to the account you want to add your other children to, this will become the only account you use in future; click on the ‘Add a child’ tab on the home page

  • Enter the username and password provided in any other activation letter (or existing username / password if already activated)

  • Then click ‘Search’ .Your child’s name will be listed on screen - click ‘Add to my account’

  • On your homepage, you should now see an additional tab for the child you have added to the account

Repeat this process for any other children you wish to add to your account – up to a maximum of 6 children in a single account.

My child is moving schools - can I still use my existing account?

You are able to retain your exisiting account when your child moves to another school which also uses ParentPay. Before you do this you must have new login details from the new school. If you do not have these please contact your child’s school.

If you have these please follow these instructions

  • < > out of all your ParentPay accounts< > to one account, this will become your ‘main account’ username and password

    Click on the Add a child tab on the home page of your account

  • < > the username and password for the child you wish to add< > Search< > Add child to your account to confirmYou can see recent items for payment, a short summary and add items to your shopping basket as soon as you have logged in, under the ‘Items due for payment’ section. Please follow these steps:

    < > see all payment items with more detail, click on ‘Pay for more items’< >< > any items by clicking ‘Add to basket’< > can now add the amount you want to pay and then click ‘Add to Basket’< > ‘Checkout’ – you can remove any items you have added by mistake or edit the amounts you want to pay by clicking ‘Remove’ or ‘Edit’< >< > your credit / debit card details and click ‘Make payment’If you have reached the ParentPay payment receipt page, then yes, your payment should have been successful. If you are in any doubt please follow these steps:

    Login into ParentPay and go to the ‘I want to…’ menu click on ‘View transaction history’ you will be able to see details of any recent payments you have made or search for older transactions.

    < > a new password< > a receipt for payments made< > automated low balance or new items for payment alertsYes, the first account will be created in the name of the Primary Carer. If you contact the Finance Office in School we will be able to create a second payer account.

    How do I add or edit my contact details in ParentPay?

  • < > into your ParentPay account< >< > on ‘View/edit profile’ then click ‘Phones and Emails’< > and edit email addresses and mobile phone numbers where required 

    How do I change my username or password?

  • If you are unable to access ParentPay, please use the username reminder/password reset link found on our login page; if you have previously registered an email address in ParentPay you will be emailed a copy of your password to that address.


    If you no longer have access to this email address or have not previously registered an email address in ParentPay, you will not receive the password reset email so you will need to contact the school for a reminder of username and password.

    Once you have this information please follow the advice given in the How do I change my username and/or password?

I have changed my email address how do I update this on the system?

  • Log into your ParentPay account and click on the My Profile tab. Click on Phones and Emails. Your email address will be listed here. You need to click the Add or Edit Email Addresses to amend these details. Don’t forget to click the SAVE button to save any changes.

    Who do I contact with queries relating to my ParentPay account?

    Due to child and data protection directives Parentpay are unable to answer parent’s queries directly as they would not be able to confirm your identity over the telephone. School staff have been trained to deal with any ParentPay issues or problems their parents may have and will be able to verify you as the registered account holder. We advise Parents to use the FAQs section on the Parentpay website and contact school if the query requires further support.

  • < > into ParentPay with your existing username / password< > on ‘View / edit your profile’< > ‘Edit’ in the ‘Login credentials’ sectionFollow the on screen instructions and don’t forget to ‘Save’

    I’ve forgotten my username and/or password – what do I do?

  • If you would like to receive an email receipt you will need to verify your email address.

    Why should I register and verify my email address?

    You will need to supply and verify your email address in ParentPay if you want to: