Out of School Club

Welcome to The Hive, William Law Out of School Club

The club runs daily, during term times, from 7.45am - 8.40am and then after school from 3.15pm - 6.00pm.  

Costs for 2023/2024:-    Breakfast club - £5.00 per child and After School club - £9.50 per child 

Prices for 2024/2025:-  Breakfast club - £5.20 per child and After School club - £10.00 per child

Menus are sent out via Arbor. 

At or around the beginning of each month, sessions will be booked via Arbor in The Hive Breakfast Club and/or The Hive After School Club (depending which one your child/ren attend), which in turn creates an invoice per session.   As soon as a session is booked, an invoice is raised.   Arbor creates an invoice for each session booked. 

Your bookings will be made in July for September which should be paid by 20th August .    Bookings will then be made in September for October sessions and so on.    Fees should be paid in full on the 20th of each month in advance for the following month i.e. paid by 20th August for September's sessions irrespective of whether school is open.    Parents are able to download/print/screenshot their invoices by going into their child's profile (please see FAQ pages for instructions).  

Your next month's invoice will not be raised until fees have been paid in full for the previous month i.e. if October's fees have not been paid by 20th September, bookings will not be made for November and you will not receive your invoices at the beginning of October.  This means that your child cannot attend in November.  Persistent late payments will jeopardise your child/rens place at the club.   

A reminder email will be sent out around 18th of the month to advise that you need to pay your invoice.  An automated email is sent out around the 21st of each month if payment has not been made.

If the amount at the top of your account is in red, this means that you still owe money on the account, if it is green it means that your account is in credit.   If it is grey, this means that your account is clear.    

Payments should be made via Arbor

If you pay by Childcare Vouchers please ensure your child's surname is used in the reference.   If you pay by Tax-Free Credits (Universal Credits), can you please ensure that you provide school with your reference number so that we can match your payment up.   There is no change in the ways these payments are made.   Once school have received confirmation from our Trust that payment has been made, your account will be credited with the amount.  

Please continue to contact The Hive by emailing osc@williamlaw.pdet.org.uk if you require emergency sessions booking.   School will do this on your behalf and an invoice will be raised that should be paid before the session is taken.   Please note below for the times when the email address is manned.   If you need an emergency session at breakfast club, please phone the Club Manager from 7.30am on the number below to see whether there is a space.   Please do not just turn up as we may not have the space to accommodate you. 

Every year around May/June time, current attendees at The Hive will be sent an application form so they can request a place for the following academic year.   You will receive confirmation of your place before the end of the summer term.  

New intakes to Reception are invited to attend Taster Sessions at The Hive.   An application form will be given to Parent/Carers at their Induction Days.   

If you have any queries, please email osc@williamlaw.pdet.org.uk between 8.00am and 4.00pm or contact the Club Manager between 7.40am and 8.00am and 3.45pm - 6.00pm Monday to Friday on 07522 987068.