Our Governors

An introduction to governance of William Law CE Primary School

William Law CE Primary School operates under the governance of the Peterborough Diocese Education Trust.   We have an Academy Governance Committee (AGC) which does not hold the academy to account, they engage with our local community.  

For details of the Trust governance click here:  www.pdet.org.uk/governance/pdet-governance-structure and www.pdet.org.uk/governance/pdet-academy-governance-committees

For the Trust's Scheme of Delegation and for specific details of the AGC's role together with the Trust's memorandum and articles of association, annual accounts, annual report and funding agreement click here:  www.pdet.org.uk/key-documents/financial-documents

Membership of the AGC will comprise the following Governors:-

  • Headteacher

  • 2 elected parents

  • 1 elected staff member

  • 2 Church Governors

  • 2 Community Governors


Governors are committed to the school by attending the six AGC meetings a year.  They also attend school regularly to fully understand how they can support the school.   Any information provided to a Governor whilst in school or in an AGC meeting is confidential and is not discussed outside of the school.  Safeguarding is important and is a standard agenda item during every meeting. 

Governors are not operational (not involved in the day to day running of the school).   Any information relating to children provided at Governors meeting is anonymised.   Governors are not the first line for any complaint.  The school's Complaints policy should be followed at all times. 

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