Our Governors


"Governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children's education." (National Governors Association)

In June 2021 our roles and responsibilities as governors changed. We became an Academy Governance Committee (AGC) as opposed to a Board of Governors. The PDET board of directors (PDET Governance) assumed responsibility for the areas previously monitored by the Governors. Some areas were delegated to AGCs and the role of the AGC became one of monitoring and support, most particularly in:

  • The Trust’s vision of ‘working together for each child to realise their God given potential to flourish’

  • Setting academy specific vision and values

  • ‘Living out’ specific vision and values

Governor actions broadly fall into three areas; Compliance, the Church and Community. We have capacity for 8 governors; the headteacher, a staff governor, two community governors, two Church governors and two parent governors.

What a Governor is..........

1Committed to the school. We have six Academy Governance Committee meetings a year. We also take opportunity to visit the school at other times to  fully understanding how we can support the school.

2Confidential. We do not discuss any information we hear as governors outside school or with anyone who is not directly involved in the school.

3Committed to safeguarding. It is imperative that we keep all children and staff safe. Safeguarding is a standard agenda item during every meeting we attend.

What a governor is not..........

1Operational (we are not involved in the day to day running of the school). 

2Involved in identifying individual children. All information we look at is anonymised.

3The first line of any complaint. The complaints procedure advises parents/carers to first take concerns to the class teacher, to the Headteacher if the issue is not resolved and finally to follow the policy in contacting the governors.

Governors are recruited specifically for their skills. Our governance committee has extensive expertise in different areas in order to constantly support the school. It is vitally important that the AGC gives excellent support to the Headteacher, as this directly affects the interests of pupils, staff and the reputation of the school in our community.

Further details about William Law Governors, individually and collectively, can be found in our 'Academy Governance Constitution' page. Should you need to contact the Chair of Governors (Mrs Beveridge) you can write to her at cog@williamlaw.pdet.org.uk or contact our Clerk, Mrs Walden at ctg@williamlaw.pdet.org.uk