Moving Schools

If you are removing your child from William Law and transferring them to another primary school, you will need to complete an in-year transfer form with the Local Authority.   This should be sent to

Please ensure that you advise school of your child's last day at William Law in advance of their leaving date, to enable their class to make them a card and say their goodbyes.   Please email with this information.   

If your child is leaving at the end of an academic year to go to another primary school in the September, please let us know the name of the new school in advance so that we can arrange for their records and files to be sent onto their new school.

If you are leaving Peterborough for a period of time OR your child is moving to a school outside of the City of Peterborough or the United Kingdom, then a Leaving City Form should be completed and school informed that you have completed this.  If you save the form once you have submitted it, then you could forward that to us. 

Please see Peterborough City Council's website for further information:-