Minutes from our meeting 26.11.12


1.            Feedback from class council meetings about school dinners.

*What do you like about school dinners / why might you choose to have one?

We like: having the choice of what to eat, the food is tasty, convenient, hot, lots of choice, take out Thursday works well. We think it’s good that the parents sign the dinner cards so they know what you have chosen. 

*What don’t you like about school dinners / what would you change about them?

The main problems we found are: the portions are too small for older children, we spend too long waiting in the line, you have to go to the back of the queue if your dinner card isn’t signed, we don’t have enough time to hand our dinner card back in.


Could dinner cards go out on a Wednesday as if you are ill on Friday you can’t hand it in? If the cards went out on a Wednesday you would need to have 2 colours of dinner cards so you know what week the card is for.


Could we have a club card / pass for lunchtime clubs so that when it is your club day you show your card and you go in first. It might make it quicker to get into the hall.


School Council to meet with the cook to discuss these issues.


*If you choose not to have a school dinner, what would encourage you to try one?

We would like more choice of puddings, we would like more input in the menu (survey to make a favourites week?) The meals can be too expensive for everyday.


2.        Decide on the name of the boy and girl mannequin in the front entrance of school.


School Council gave all their names to Mrs Crossan then Mrs Peacock and Mrs Kitch drew the names William and Laura.  


3.        Fundraising / charity work

School Council from yrs 1 – 5 to run stalls at the Christmas bazaar. Mrs Crossan will work with a small group of School Council to wrote about our charity work in the school newsletter.


4.        Fulbridge School visit on 3rd December. 


We wrote some questions to ask the School Council at Fulbridge School when we visit on Monday.   



5.        Improvements to Werrington Library


Mrs Cunningham gave us a map with improvements that the local council want to make to the Werrington library. 

We liked the idea of having a mirrored wall outside and think they should be like fun fair mirrors. We liked the maze and wanted some optical illusions in there to make it harder. The outside area should be decorated with pictures and characters from famous books so you can play a guessing game. The stage area looks good and we should organise plays to perform there. Is there an area for story telling? Can we have more toilets at the library?