Minutes from our meeting 15.10.12


School Council Minutes 15.10.12

1.          Lunchtimes / playtimes – how are things going? 

Lots of positives about lunchtimes – children are enjoying the equipment and activities available especially the trim trail and the field.


Issues – people from different year groups are using the wrong football pitches at times. Could we mark pitches out with cones? Need clear rules for the football games. 


Basketballs – some people are having their games upset by others. Need to make sure the dinner supervisors check this area regularly and children should report any issues to them. 


2.          Buddy monitors – how is this working out? 

    Children still like the idea but feel we need more buddy monitors as they can’t find them when they need them. School Council to go out one lunchtime to see the situation and make sure the monitors are walking around different areas. Need to send buddy monitors to a KS1 assembly to remind them of what they are there to help with.


3.          Children In Need – Friday 16th November. 

All classes are happy with choosing their stall. Children are responsible for choosing where their stall will be and for bringing in prizes etc that they will need.


4.           School Council wrote a letter to Fulbridge Road school to arrange a visit soon.


5.          A.O.B

Year 6 said their corridors are too narrow. Can year 6 have lockers? We like the idea but it’s too expensive at the moment and it will take up too much room. Need to make sure children move through the corridor quickly so they aren’t blocking the corridor by Miss Franklin’s class. Year 6 monitors need to check and keep their cloakrooms tidy. Could they have a competition / award for the tidiest cloakroom over the term? Year 6 need to decide what they want to do.


Children asked for a sign in the orchard to remind people not to run. Could Eco team do this?  

Buddy groups – children enjoyed this but said they need something else to do if their group finishes their activity early.