Minutes from our meeting 11.9.12


11.9.12   School Council Minutes


Absent: Year 6s were at Derbyshire. Mrs Crossan to meet with them next week.


Present: Simran, Eden, Libby, Grace, Max, Leah, Ashley, Brandon, Sam, William, Ryan.


Welcome and introduction to the newly elected School Council


Training for the Council reps


We discussed what we already know about the School Council and how the meetings are run.


Each rep was given a job description so that they know what being a rep involves, and a notebook ready for class council meetings. 


We discussed what other training the reps would like to have (e.g. speaking to last year’s reps).


School Council Aims

We wrote some general aims of the School Council to put into words why we are here and what we want to achieve for the school. These will be shared with everyone after the Year 6 reps have had some input.  


School Council assembly – on Friday 21st Sep.

We discussed what we want to say in our assembly including important information about the school Council which everyone needs to know. KS1 School Council will be joining us for part of the assembly.  



Some children were concerned about footballs on the field. We will discuss this in class councils and recap the rules in our assembly if necessary.