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Bienvenue tout le monde!

We learn French from years 3 to 6 at William Law School.

In year 3 we are using an exciting scheme of work to learn French.  The 'Dinocrocs' scheme is based on years of research on how children learn best and takes an 'immersive' approach to learning a language through repeated story-telling, movement, song and gesture.  Children will be immersed in the language until it becomes familiar, rather than being taught that bleu is French for blue and so on.  We have been taking part in a story in which Hocus the Dinocroc hatches from his egg.  He goes on an adventure to find out what kind of animal he is.

If you are a parent of a year 3 child, feel free to ask them about the Dinocrocs - Hocus and Lotus.  They may already be able to retell some of a story, using French they have acquired

In years 4 to 6 we are having fun learning French through songs, games, drama and a range of other activities.

In year 4 we have been learning the French for some animals and acting out 'Le Petit Elephant' story.  We have done some lovely work on the French artist Matisse - recreating his famous 'Icarus' artwork using ICT. We are moving on to learn how to introduce and describe someone.

We have been learning the French for different family members in year 5.  We did our own research to find out the some close and extended family members, and found out how to introduce them.  For example Lewis Stokes found out that he needed to introduce Kyle as, 'mon frère jumeau'.  We have been designing our own Eiffel Towers, using art straws.

In year 6 we have been looking at famous French landmarks and have been creating detailed pencil sketches.  We used skills such as cross-hatching and stippling to add depth and shading.  We are now concentrating on the French alphabet and prepositions.  We have also been doing some independent work, making our own calligrams for display.

Our teacher is Madame Crossan


Last year's year 6 pupils practising their French number raps.