All children in Year 6 have access to a Kindle for reading during their academic year. There is a copy of the English Dictionary, The Holy Bible and the Kindle User Guide (suitable for the children) on every device along with a copy of each of the following titles:

  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    Black Beauty

      Danny, Champion of the World

        From Hereabout Hill

          Goodnight Mister Tom

            Guinness World Records 2013 Bonus Chapter

              NO EXIT

                Ripley's RBI 01:Scaly Tales                              


                   The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

                     The Golden Acorn: Book 1: The Adventures of Jack Brenin

                       The Jungle Book

                         The Railway Children

                           The Secret Garden

                             The Wind in the Willows

                               The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

                                Treasure Island

In addition to all of these, a former pupil, Georgia Foster, wrote a book called Paradise in her final year at William Law; this too can be found on the device along with many more titles that have been purchased and shared across the 96 Kindles. To see what they are, please click one of the lettered links to the left.