ICT Club 2010-2011


School Year 2010/11


Autumn Term 2010

We have been experimenting with digital photography, uploading and editing photographs which we have taken. Here are some of our photographs.


 We have transformed ourselves into Christmas characters using 'Paint'.  Here are the results. Can you guess who each one is?



Spring Term 2011

This term we have been learning all about Windows Movie Maker, creating our own movies using some of the photographs we have taken ourselves.  Here are our completed movie clips.  










Other topics we have covered this term are internet safety. We explored the website http://thinkyouknow.co.uk and made posters which we displayed in the ICT suite for all the school to see.

We also experimented with digital microscopes which we all really enjoyed using. They simply connect to the PC via USB port and instantly display enlarged images on the PC screen.  We used a variety of mediums including leaves, flowers, grasses and even body parts such as eyes, nose and teeth!!

Most recently the group have been introduced to the new school's learning platform from db primary. This has been very exciting for the children and they have loved setting up their profiles and interacting with one another both in school and from home.

The last session of ICT club for this academic year will take place on Tuesday 5th April.