Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Can my child attend The Hive, out of school club for part of the session?

  • Breakfast club operates from 7.45am - 8.40am and after school club from 3.15pm - 6.00pm.   You can bring/collect your child at any point during these times, however you will be charged for the full cost of the session.   Collection must be made by 6.00pm, otherwise a fine of £1 per minute you are late will be charged.  

Q.   How do I book an emergency session for my child?

  • If your child already attends at The Hive, please email as soon as possible between 8.00am and 4.00pm so that availability can be checked and advised as appropriate.  All outstanding fees must be paid before any emergency sessions will be given.  Fees for emergency sessions do need to be paid before the sessions are taken.  Please ring 07522 987068 outside of these hours. 

  • If your child has never attended at The Hive, you will need to email (as above) in order that the relevant paperwork can be sent through to you for completion.  If we can accommodate you we will advise the amount of the sessions requested for that month.  The paperwork and fees do need to be returned/paid before your child can attend.

Q.  Why have I received an invoice from The Hive when they don't usually attend?

  • If you have not collected your child from school by 3.30pm, they will be taken over to The Hive and you will be invoiced for the cost of a session.    School finishes at 3.15pm and does not have the staff or resources to look after your child after this time.

Q.  Why do I have to pay a month in advance for my child's sessions?

  • This is so we can identify how many spaces we have month on month and allows us to plan the necessary resources and food and ensure that staff are paid.

  • Payments can be made weekly as long as the total cost of the invoice is paid in full by the 20th of the month.

Q.  Why am I chased regularly about not paying my invoice?

  • Contracts are signed by parent/carers at the beginning of the year to confirm that you will adhere to the Club's policies including making payment in full by the 20th of the month.    Late payments impact on the administration of the registers and invoices for the following month and for getting these out on time.

  • An automated letter is sent out around 21st of the month to those who haven't paid their invoice on time.

Q.  Can I receive my invoice by email?

  • Yes.  If you would like to receive it by email please email to advise.   This is to ensure that we have your correct email address.

Q.  My child is going on a school residential, do I have to pay for these days?

  • If your child is on a residential trip, then you will be charged half the session price for the days they are away.    All other sessions are payable, whether or not your child attends.   If the school takes the decision to close then there will be no charge made for that day.

Q.  My child is in Year 6 and I pay all my fees by Childcare vouchers.  If my account is in credit, how do I claim this back at the end of the school year?

  • Unfortunately due to the tax implications, school is not able to refund you directly for any overpayment made by Childcare Vouchers.   School refund the childcare company and then it is up to the parent/carer to request a refund from them.   To ensure that you are not in credit at the end of the academic year, we suggest that you reduce your amount of payments to your childcare company.

Q.  My child is starting school in September, can I put their name on the application form for my child that already attends at The Hive?

  • You can put all your children down on the same form, however we will not look at the Reception child's application until the deadline for receipt of the Reception cohort forms. 

If you have a question that has not been answered here, please email