Film Club Paradise

At Film Club we are making our own version of the music video for the song Paradise by Coldplay.

 First we looked at lots of different music videos and we came across Paradise and  thought it was a good video to film. We also had to think about how were going to make the video but not completely copy (because of the copyright). Eventually we settled on having different animals in the ours instead of just having elephants as the characters like the official video.

Secondly we had to look through the video and write down all the different scenes to film later in the month. In the official video the main character holds up lots of signs so we had to paint all of the signs shown in the video.

Last, we had to film all of the scenes with a FlipCam and work out who was going to be each character/animal. We have nearly finished and hope to enter it into the Peterborough Green Carpet Awards and win the category of Best Music Video


Charlotte and Natasha