Film Club Greeks

The Olympic Truce

The other half of film club is doing a film about ancient Greece and the Olympic truce, where are small scrawny Athenian wins the very first Olympic's. There are alot of minor obstacles in his way, e.g the fact that he's hopeless! There are 3 events, which are boxing, running, and chariot racing, that he has entered and the Spartans are going to try there best to stop him. Luckily they don't and Apostrophe (The Athenian) gets the highly coveted loral leaves.

We chose this storyline as we thought it was humurous and told the story of the Olympic truce well. The cast are Joe (Apostrophe); Oliver ( Narrator/Spartan athlete); Mikey (Spartan athlete); Eleanor (Olympic Organiser) and Natasha (Filmer).

Below is the funniest outtake. It shows Apostrophe getting stuck in a bush!

We have also had great help by Ben from Ken Stimpson Community School and Mrs Thomas who has managed both the Greeks and Paradise. Thank you both.

By Oliver Allan