What is Fairtrade? What does it mean to you? 

Here is what some of the children at William Law said about Fairtrade. 

William Law is a Fairtrade school. 


  • We learn about Fairtrade through assemblies and in our curriculum. Year 5 research the life of banana growers as part of their ‘What’s the cost?’ topic. In year 3 children explore issues of fairness for cocoa growers.  As part of RE lessons, year 6 discuss Fairtrade and welcome visitors from Traidcraft. Mrs Crossan will also be running a KS2 Fairtrade club in the summer term.

  • We use Fairtrade products whenever possible (including tea, coffee and sugar in the staffroom.) 

  • We take action for Fairtrade. To share our learning and to encourage others to get involved in Fairtrade. In previous years we have spoken at a conference in Ken Stimpson School, planned and ran a stall at our Summer BBQ and Christmas bazaar to raise awareness of Fairtrade products and held our own mini workshop for a small group of visiting pupils from Hampton Hargate School. This year we are planning to run a whole school design a Fairtrade poster competition and will display the winning posters in our local Tescos store for the community to see.