Elephant in the Garden, bookclub

An Elephant in the Garden

By Michael Murpurgo

Book club have been reading this book and have written some reviews of it below.  If you would like to read the book after reading the reviews please see Mrs Husbands to borrow a copy.

Lizzie, an old lady, is telling the story about how her family escaped from the bombings in Dresden during the second world war, when she was sixteen.  They had a long journey to safety and they brought an elephant that Lizzie's mum rescued from Dresden Zoo, along with them.  They also meet an RAF airman who they try to keep safe from German soldiers.

I enjoyed this fantastic book, because each chapter finished on a cliffhanger.  I would recommend this book!

By Isabella, Year 3

I think you will enjoy this book because it feels like you are really there.  It is an exciting book and the genre is adventure.  The book is about the war and it sometimes gets a bit scary.  You will want to read this book again once you've finished it.

By Lucy, year 5 

I liked the book a lot because it was telling a life story of an old lady called Elizabeth (made up by the author though).  She lived in Germany and had to leave her home because of a war.  Her mother had worked at the zoo, and had managed to save a baby elephant called Marlene.  They travelled by night and were careful not to be seen.  They got to a shelter and stayed so as to be safe.  There was food, so they rationed it.  Everybody survived, but Elizabeth's mother died a few years later and her little b rother died because of cold.  She lived and is safe at a nursing home.

By Charlotte, year 5