Eco Team


William Law Eco Team

This is the William Law Eco Team. There role in the school is to guide the school in environmental issues and to discuss areas of development. The main area of development will be The Williams Orchard.



Recycling Competition

The Eco Team entered a recycling competition at Peterborough Football Ground. They had to make a Christmas tree from recycled material but were not allowed to use any glue to hold the tree together. The team spent a fun day at Peterborough Football Ground and joined in lots of recycling activities.



Stibbington Green Day

The day began with sustainable travel to the Centre by train on the Nene Valley Railway. On arrival the eco group were met by staff from the centre who lead a short walk, following a guided eco-treasure trail, to Stibbington Centre. Here a programme of eco-themed activities ran all day, including an eco-lunch and a shared Eco-Celebration.