Creative Arts at William Law CE School

This is a reflection of the School’s values and philosophy in relation to the teaching of Creative Arts. It sets out a framework within which teaching and non-teaching staff can operate and gives guidance on planning, teaching and assessment. 

 The Creative Arts at William Law CE Primary School

Creative Arts at William Law CE Primary School include Art, Dance, Drama and Music.

These subject areas and their skills are sometimes taught discretely but where links can be made they are embedded into the creative curriculum. More importantly, they are all encompassed in a whole school creative curriculum which includes all other subject areas. We believe that Creative Arts enriches the curriculum and can have a positive impact on children’s behaviour, attitudes, motivation, imagination, confidence, attention span, co-operation, collaboration and thinking skills.

Equal Opportunities

All children will have the same access to all activities regardless of their gender, race or cultural background. The staff do not assume stereotypes; thereby encouraging all children opportunities to enjoy a variety of activities.  Throughout the whole school all children will be given the opportunity to develop their skills in Creative Arts. There will be no single sex groupings. Creative topics encompass a wide variety of cultures, religions and nationalities (please refer to the school Equality and Diversity policy for more information).

Inclusion and Special Educational Needs

William Law CE Primary School has an inclusion policy based on the principle of entitlement. Children with Special Educational Needs will work at their own level, but alongside others. Teachers will be informed about any particular child’s needs, and may need to modify the tasks set to suit the child. 

 The school believes that all children are entitled to:

  • equality of opportunity and access to education.

  •  learn, participate and form friendships with their peers.

  • have their skills developed and their abilities nurtured to enable them to maximise their potential and attainment to enhance self-esteem.

  • have any special educational needs identified as early as possible. These needs are then met wherever possible in the classroom with adult support or specialized equipment.

  • receive professional support, advice and resources to meet any identified Special Educational Needs.

  • be treated with respect and have their views and opinions taken into account.

Pupil Premium

We endeavour to make sure all children have full access to the curriculum. Additional trips or external visitors are sometimes organised to enhance the children’s learning and experience. Where possible, pupil premium is be used to ensure all children can access the wider curriculum and can be used to support individuals with instrumental lessons.

Creative Arts within the Curriculum

Music as Part of the Curriculum

Music is an important area of the curriculum at William Law CE Primary School. It is a creative, social and practical subject which stimulates the imagination and provides a means of communicating ideas and emotions. (For further information please refer to the Music Policy.) Music is taught to all children from foundation stage to year 6 each week by a music specialist. The children also receive weekly differentiated singing practices to develop the skills and enjoyment of singing a wide range of songs together.

There are many opportunities for all children to experience, create, perform and, above all, enjoy music. Special events e.g. National Fundraising like Red Nose day and Seasonal or Religious festivals, are marked with musical celebrations.

There are also many opportunities for children to play instruments through first access/wider opportunities programmes or through individual instrument lessons.

Music is also an area of the curriculum which offers support to other schools, teachers and students.

Art and Design as Part of the Curriculum

At William Law C of E School all children are given opportunities to experience different approaches to art, craft and design and use different forms of media. Art plays a key role in many of the creative topics and children are encouraged to respond with their own experiences, responses and observations

Children’s compositions are celebrated through displays throughout the school and in all classrooms. 

Dance and PE as Part of the Curriculum

PE and Dance are creative, social and practical subjects. They stimulate the imagination and provide a means of communicating ideas and emotions through movement. Dance and PE are used at the school to bring to life the creative topics. Children often share their performances with other children in the school and parents such as on WOW days, productions and class assemblies. 

Drama as a Part of the Curriculum

Drama is used across all subjects at the school to stimulate imagination and deepen children’s understanding of the topics within the creative curriculum. At the school, children engage in a wide range of dramatic activities particularly during WOW days, productions and class assemblies.

The Arts as Extracurricular Activities

William Law CE Primary School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities which provide additional opportunities to develop skills and deepen knowledge and understanding. These are provided by both teaching staff and some outside agencies. The variety of clubs may alter each year depending on the interests and skills of the teaching staff.  In some instances, the number of children wishing to join a specific club may be greater than the number of places available. In this case, children will be accepted at the discretion of the lead adult of the club or the head teacher.