Cognition and Learning

This year, children have accessed the following resources and interventions:

Clicker 7 - computer software on a laptop for word processing and recording learning (Year 3-6) 

​​​​Nessy Reading and Spelling – an interactive, multi-media learning programme online for children with difficulties in literacy (all years)

Supported Spelling – a daily 1:1 programme to develop reading and spelling using onset and rime (all years)

SOS Spelling – a daily spelling assessment focussing on five words, only replacing a word once they can spell it three days in a row (all years)

Project X Code – a group reading intervention using engaging books, led by a teaching assistant three times a week (Year 3/4)

Precision Teaching – a short, daily 1:1 intervention to support memory of facts e.g. reading key words, number bonds (all years)

Success at Arithmetic – a calculation-based group intervention (Year 5)

All provision and pupil progress is reviewed termly at SEND Pupil Profile meetings with the teacher and parents/carers.

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