Should Christians boycott the consumer Christmas? Yr6 discussed this national problem after reading two articles from the Daily Telegraph. What is the true meaning of Christmas after all?


Y5 have created a display in St. Johns Church, Werrington for you to look at. As a year group we discussed world gifts that charities provide that could change lives for the better. What price do you put on a toilet or clean water? How much do you value your medical centre?


RE with Yr3. This week we learnt about the significance behind Christingles by making our own.


Y4. Why should Christians feel a duty to help the poor? After reading an article in the Peterborough Telegraph about how 15 local churches are helping the homeless we discussed why Christians wanted to help, especially at Christmas time. We also used Bibles to find passages to back up our reasons.


Y2. After discussing what is the most important part of the Nativity according to the children, we still wondered what puzzled us about Jesus’ birth. In groups each class talked about what questions we still wanted answers too.

Yr1 -Dressing up and retelling the Nativity story. Looking at old Christmas cards with Mrs Jummun and talking about Jesus’ birth was also interesting. We even created our own stable scenes with wooden characters.