Christianity - Holy Week

#RE In Y1 the children learnt about Holy Week. We ordered events and asked questions that puzzled us about the last week of Jesus’ life. We also learnt a new song “ 1,2,3 Jesus is alive”.

#RE Today EYFS learnt about what Jesus did when he met his disciple friends for the last supper. We enjoyed acting out the events of Maundy Thursday and even ate bread and drank ‘wine’!


#RE Who is responsible for Jesus’ death? Y6 discussed many reasons for and against Judas, Pilate, the crowd, the soldiers and the Pharisees being guilty. Here are Yr6 in the courtroom with Judge Jummun. Ask us who we prosecuted.


Y6 used their creativity this week and wrote songs reflecting the events and emotions of Holy Week.


Yr4 at Stay & Learn. To deepen the children’s understanding of Holy Week, and in particular the significance of the last supper, the children played a roll and read game. We then talked about why the bread and wine are an important part of a Christian Sunday service.