Buddy assemblies take place regularly during the year.  

Following assembly the individual Buddy groups meet up and spend time together working as a team.

The Buddy system is a scheme to help children to have fun whilst working with each other and developing friendships across the whole school. Every child is allocated a buddy group and remain in that buddy group throughout their time in school. The buddy groups are made up of one child from each Year group. Each group is led by a year 6 child known as the Top Buddy. Every half term, we have a buddy assembly and after the assembly the children go to their buddy classroom with their Top Buddy and Buddy teacher. The Top Buddy leads a short discussion on the theme introduced in the assembly and then the group take part in an activity linked to this. Not only will the children meet at the buddy assemblies but also it means that there will always be a familiar face for them to turn to around the whole school.

Finally, during the summer term, we hold a Buddy Picnic as the Top Buddies say goodbye to their Buddy group before moving on to secondary school. The Year 6 also take part in a sponsored event to raise money to buy a leaving present for their buddies and the school.