Bible Stories

EYFS enjoyed acting out the Good Samaritan  story with Mrs Jummun in RE today. Afterwards we spent time discussing why it’s important to be kind and helpful. What could you do to show kindness to your family this weekend?


Yr2 learnt about the parables of the lost sheep and lost coin today and made their own hidden message boxes. We then spent time discussing why Jesus told these parables and what can we learn from them. Ask us how we can be ‘good shepherds’ to our family.


Reception all explored sounds for the story of Noah’s ark. Great music fun today.

Yr1 enjoyed guessing what was underneath Joseph’s coat this week by feeling and describing hidden items to their friends. Looking at a variety of artefacts and photos promoted some rich discussion on why people go to church and what can be seen inside churches.

Yr1 learnt about why people go to church and what do they do at church by playing this memory game. All the children enjoyed talking about the different artefacts and photos.