Agenda for our meeting 28.1.13


School Council Agenda 28.1.13

 Feedback from Libby, Max and Liam meeting with cook

The issues we took to the cook were

*Portion sizes are too small for some children. The cook said that the portion sizes are based on information from the government about healthy eating. She said that lots of food is still being wasted which costs money. Children can have as much salad and bread to eat as they want (but only take what you will eat).


*We wanted dinner cards to go out on a Wednesday rather than Thursday so you have more time. The cook said they are ready by Wednesday so will look into getting them out earlier.


*More favourite foods on the menu – there is a survey going home soon so the cook knows what the most popular foods are and she will use them in the menus.


1.          Buddy monitors

Now we have trialled them from one term what do children think? Continue with them, change / improve the system – ideas of how to do this or abandon the idea?


One idea is to have a group of children who have been trained as peer mediators (they help children to resolve arguments on the playground).  


2.          School Council budget (approx £200 to spend).

Ideas for how best to spend it to improve the school. In the past we have bought bins, playground clocks. Do we want to spend it on something for Williams’ Orchard? Playtime equipment? Something completely different? 


3.           Any other issues affecting their class / year group / other pupils in school they would like us to discuss / help with?