Agenda for our meeting 22.10.13


School Council Meeting Agenda 


Date:  22.10.13

For the attention of:

KS2 / KS1

Is anyone not able to attend the meeting?


Has everyone seen the minutes from the last meeting?

Please see School Council noticeboard for these minutes.




First thing we are going to talk about:

How are things going as a School Council rep? How do you feel about your role in school?

Any ideas of projects the School Council can get involved with or changes they can make around the school?





Second thing we are going to talk about:

Children In Need Friday 15th November

Can School Council help organise the assembly about Children In Need?

Class council’s ideas for playtime stalls to raise money for Children In Need.





Third thing we are going to talk about:

We have now have Fairtrade status in school. What events can we organise to support Fairtrade? Ideas for competitions, assemblies or lessons with a Fairtrade theme.




Would anybody like to mention anything else?

Fish tank – who cleans it? What can School Council do to help keep the tank clean? 


Chill room – who is using it? Opinions about the chill room.


Date of next meeting? After half term