About Us


William Law School is a co-educational, Church of England Primary Academy School in Peterborough, with a strong Christian ethos, catering for children between the ages of 4 and 11.   

We are a welcoming and friendly community in which individuals are valued.

The school is known for its emphasis upon a well-rounded education with a broad and balanced curriculum on offer.  We pride ourselves on our curriculum offer which includes:  educational visits, music, religious education, languages and sport as well as focusing on the required academic subjects. We employee specialist teachers in music, religious education and languages. 

Please see the document below for further information about William Law who lived from 1686 to 1761.

Our Vision

Jesus taught us to be like him as He is The Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14 v6)

At William Law we commit to

“Learning, Living and Loving Together”.

The school community is learning and we want them to enjoy this and ‘skip to school’.

We want everyone to respect and love one another living together and therefore understanding a Christian way of life.

We want every child and adult to have a good mental well-being.

We define mental well-being as children and young people's happiness, life satisfaction and positive functioning.


Our Designated Safeguarding staff are:-

Tracey Cunningham, Headteacher tracey.cunningham@williamlaw.peterborough.sch.uk

Darren Smith, Deputy Headteacher - darren.smith@williamlaw.peterborough.sch.uk

Chloe Coles, Assistant Headteacher (Mon - Wed) - chloe.coles@williamlaw.peterborough.sch.uk

Jennifer Paterson, Inclusion Manager - jennifer.paterson@williamlaw.peterborough.sch.uk

Clare Post - Learning Mentor (07955360159)

Sarah Jessop - Learning Mentor (07835190050)