AGT Websites

Here are some websites that you might find interesting. A very good website for both KS1 and KS2 high ability mathematicians. It is updated monthly and has a huge number of problems to which, children are encouraged to submit their own solutions. Word searches and quizzes on different historical areas age 7-11 15 instant chess challenges for players who can play chess already. The rest of the website is available to learn Chess Age 7+ Lots of resources for all subjects and ages. You do need to register and log on to download games. Thinking activities for KS1 and 2. Lots of other resources on this website too. Games and puzzles. A bit commercial.  Lots of maths puzzles and games. Resources and competitions. EY – KS2 Resources, fun and activities.  IQ type activities A meeting place for AGT pupils, families and friends Publishes children’s stories Has free logo software, which children could use at home.   Maths and Problem solving for very able upper KS2