A brick and a blanket!

Children were challenged in their learning journals to think of as many things as possible that they could do with a brick and a blanket.

Here are some of the ideas so far:

(Naomi Y5)

  • Make a bed
  • Make a booster seat
  • Make a den

(Jude Y1)

  • Lay the blanket down and add the bricks to make a speed boat
  • Cut the blanket into a circle and lay the bricks all round to make a sun
  • Make a tunnel for my trains to drive under

(Hannah Y6)

  • Use the bricks to make a wall, cover with the blanket and sit on it
  • Warm the brick in the oven, then wrap with the blanket and use as a hot water bottle
  • Put the blanket on top of the brick, then set light to it and use it to toast marshmallows

(Sharna Y6)

  • Use as a present, head of a mop, dummy head with hair, duvet and pillow, door stop, foot print in snow, or a legless sheep!

(Isabella Y3)

  • Use the blanket as a matador's cape, or a toga or a dress.  Use the brick as a weight to make you stronger, or as a hammer or use it to open a coconut!