The Robot Challenge

Programming the robot to complete the challenges.

One of the four main challenge areas is programing the robot on the board.

We have used Lego Mindstorms EV3 to program our robot. We have worked in pairs to complete separate programs.

Myself (Kajus) and Lilia programmed the robot to do mission 1 -Payload.This is our most reliable source of points, as it’s the one that mostly succeeds.

Ashton and Joshua/Freya worked hard on a complicated program - this involves collecting Gerhard from the emergency space walk and rotating the telescope at the observatory.

With a quick swap at base, Nathan and George sent the robot to the airlock chamber to drop off Gerhard.

With a top score of 53 at the regional heat, we decided that we would need to increase our score by completing more challenges. In preparation for the national finals, we have already begun to attempt more missions - fingers crossed these will be as successful as are previous ones.