Our Introduction

Find out all about our team Astro Banana.

Hey guys! Astro Banana here.

Who would’ve thought that out of 11 years, we would be the first ones from William Law to win the Lego League regional competition!

Let’s introduce ourselves. I’m Nathan and I have been working with Freya, Ashton, George, Lilia, Kajus and Joshua. Altogether we are Astro-Banana!

As we have won the regional finals, we are now going to the National Finals in Bristol. This is the first of our blogs we will be making each week, and today we are going to recap on our journey so far.

Firstly, we came up with some ideas for a team name. We also drew a logo, and we wanted to incorporate healthy food, Lego and Space. In the end we decided on a banana lego man which we customized to our satisfaction.

The next step in our journey was to come up with a problem we wanted to solve. We decided we wanted to help Astronauts keep fit in space and stop depression. To solve this, we had to work our way through multiple problems.

Another part of Lego League is the main section, the robot. Our robot was designed to function like a forklift mechanism and had to be shorter than 30cm. Our robot had to include a Lego Mindstorms brain which we uploaded our programmes onto. This makes our robot move, turn and complete the challenges we chose.